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Spring Training: The 2024 C-STS

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Saturday, March 16, 2024 - 9:00am

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C-STS 2024 is a series of Saturday and Sunday rides in March, April, and May.

Ride distances start at 25-30 miles and progressively increase to over 60 miles by the end. Pace is 13 or 14 mph as noted in the ride listing when riding on smooth level roads with no wind  Average speed is approximately 3 mph slower.

The goal of C-STS is to help club members improve their conditioning after a winter of relative inactivity.

C-STS is not an educational series. Participants should either be SIG graduates or have comparable group riding skills. We expect you to ride single file, stay between the leader and the sweep, call out stopping and hazards, and be familiar with the operation of your bicycle including gears and brakes. If you are not an experienced group rider, you should choose SIG instead.

C-STS participants are encouraged to ride with us each week but there is no commitment to do a specified number of rides.

C-STS rides will be listed individually on the upcoming rides page. Sign-ups open 10 days in advance of each ride.

Please be considerate of your fellow club members. Withdraw from rides if you will not be participating. If rides become full, do not register for both days of a weekend. If you are a regular A or B rider and are doing C-STS as a recovery ride, do not sign up until 2 days before the ride so as to give regular C riders a chance.

HELMETS are mandatory for all riders.

NYCC MEMBERSHIP: All riders must be NYCC members.

PUNCTUALITY: Please be punctual, preferably arriving at the start 10 minutes prior to the start time. It is not fair to keep a group waiting, especially in the cold weather we often have early in the season. If you are using mass transit be sure to check the subway and train advisories and timetables before you leave your home. If you are using MTA Trip planner you should plan to take a train that is one or two trains earlier than the one that gets you to the start at exactly the start time.

BICYCLE: Riders must arrive at the start with a bicycle in good working order, suitable for road riding conditions, and maintaining 13 or 14 mph pace.

ACCESSORIES: Please bring two spare tubes, a pump or CO2 charger, and water bottles filled with water or sports drink.

FOOD: Always bring pocket food.

MECHANICAL SKILLS: You are expected to know how to change a flat tire (although your leaders will try to help).

GROUP RIDING SKILLS: The C-STS leader team reserves the right to disqualify any rider who fails to demonstrate acceptable group riding skills such as riding single file, respecting pedestrians, and obeying vehicle and traffic law. Safety is our #1 priority.

RIDING ABILITY: No one will be dropped on our rides. However, we will assess rider capability early on. If we see that a rider is struggling before we leave the city or has other difficulties, they will be asked to bail at a convenient subway stop or train station. On many rides there will be no other bail options except an expensive taxi ride back to the city.

SCHEDULE CHANGES/CANCELLATIONS: You will be notified by email at least 2 hours before the start time of any last minute changes or weather cancellations.


THE FOLLOWING IS A DRAFT C-STS 2024 RIDE SCHEDULE. The actual schedule will be listed on the upcoming rides page. Sign-ups open 10 days in advance of each ride.

C-STS Saturday Series
Date Ride Miles GPS Map
03/16/2024 Bronx Shoreline to SUNY Maritime College 25
03/23/2024 Opera Cafe in Brighton Beach 30-35
03/30/2024 Teaneck 35
04/06/2024 Croton Reservoir Triple-Cross 37
04/13/2024 Westwood 40
04/20/2024 Mario Cuomo Bridge 45
04/27/2024 Piermont with Lunch at the Mountain House 47  
05/04/2024 Bear Mountain 50-60  
C-STS Sunday Series
Date Ride Miles GPS Map
03/17/2024 Pelham Bay 28
03/24/2024 Bayonne 38
03/31/2024 Shirley Chisholm 37
04/07/2024 Lynbrook 41
04/14/2024 Bloomingdale 38
04/21/2024 Paterson 41
04/29/2024 Roslyn 50
05/05/2024 Elmsford 52


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Spring Training: The 2024 C-STS
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