Upcoming Rides

Name Date Time Leaders Level Distance Spots Remaining
Rockaways Return Redux.....Again! Sun, Apr 18 09:00 AM Ellen Jaffe
Claire Mordas
C /14 50 Miles 5 of 8
Gold Coast Sun, Apr 18 09:00 AM Michael Roth
Ron Grossberg
B /18 60 Miles 0 of 8
(2 on waitlist)
Welcome New Members Ride to Jean-Jacques... Sun, Apr 18 09:30 AM Jim Finder
Linda Wintner
C /13 32 Miles 3 of 8

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Who We Gonna Call?

Dear Fellow Members,

We’ve got a problem, and it ain’t ghosts. 

Many of you have listed yourselves (or no one at all) as your emergency contact on the Club’s records. This is not just your problem; it is ours. If you crash (and you can’t be sure it won’t be you), someone will have to make decisions about your medical care, decide whether to call in a plastic surgeon, authorize surgery, etc., if you are unable to do so yourself. It is unfair to ask your ride leader to step into those shoes. And yes, ride leaders have found themselves in that position. Your emergency contact need not be local, but he or she does need to be reachable and does need to be NOT YOU!

So please, RIGHT NOW, Log on to the site

  1. click on blue tab on top of home page - Your Account
  2. click on edit, then profile
  1. middle of page - emergency contact.


Your leaders, clubmates, friends and family will thank you.

As do I.

Peter Storey

Your President

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Welcome to the New York Cycle Club!


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Get in shape, make new friends, explore the most beautiful routes in the tri-state area and have a blast doing it!

Become part of our vibrant, friendly cycling community and enjoy the premium benefits of being an NYCC member today!  

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