Cold Spring, School Mtn, Wiccopee trail, Big Woods, Moneyhole, Chimney Hill, Garrison

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Cold Spring (start)> 301> 9> Campbell Rd> School Mtn Rd> Wiccopee trail> Clove Creek Trail> Glynwood Rd> Big Woods exit> 301> Moneyhole Mtn trail> Chimney Hill> S Highland> Snake Hill Rd> Garrison Metro North railroad platform(end)

Hank Schiffman
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A, B
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4 out of 5
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Here we have an expanded gravel ride that gets progressively more technical as it follows the Moneyhole Mountain trail, Chimney Hill and the access trail to South Highland. Realize that the descent down Moneyhole prior to the Chimney Hill trail borders upon mountain biking skills. Ride it if you are confident and competent. Understand you will need both to get home safely. Do not despair if you walk your bike. A moment of prudence can save you months of suffering.

Understand that the the first section of Moneyhole will require some walking. If you don't cut to the extreme left at the end of the first section you will be in boot sucking mud. If you do keep left you will need to summon balance and skills to get over a few features of rocks, roots and a stream crossing. However, this section is very short. Once you begin the Moneyhole ascent, it becomes rideable, although it is fairly steep and has some technical elements. Once again, a heads up on the descents. The first one is tricky; the second is more so. Unless you have wooly trail riding dialed in, my advise is to walk any questionable sections the first time.

As mentioned, this morphs into upper level gravel riding, not that gravel doesn't get even more extreme, but this will take many riders out of their comfort zone. Remember when you stopped getting an allowance and you had to get a job? This is the gravel version.

HS 12/8/2022



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