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Raritan NJT > Country Club Rd > Burnt Mills Rd > side roads > Rockaway Rd > Guinea Hollow Rd > side roads > Hacklebarney Rd > State Park Rd > Old Chester Road > Main Street > Gladstone > Schley Mountain Rd > Washington Valley Rd > Papen Rd > N Bridge St > Prince Rogers Ave > Woodbury Commons > Bike path across bridge > side roads to NJT

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Julie Blackburn
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Mid New Jersey South
A, B
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3 out of 5
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This route is on quiet country roads with almost no traffic in many places, lots of scenery and during the fall,spectacular fall color.  Wildlife sightings, too. We will be "way out there" in Central NJ.  

Our pit stops are at non-traditional times and places because there is a dearth of services along many areas of the route.  There is a first optional pit at mile 7 where you can divert off the route to the Fresh Market in Pluckemin which is a high end emporium with many food options and great bathrooms.

Or you can continue on the route with the first pocket food/bathroom stop at Hacklebarney Park around mile 21. A great lunch stop is Cider Mill Farms, a local farm a short distance down the road.  If you don't like really high quality hot dogs cooked in cider (they are amazingly good) you can bring your own lunch. They have beverages and an excellent bakery there too.  Cider Mill farms is not always open, check the schedule for the day you ride.

Alernatively Gladstone Market in Gladstone is a great sit down lunch option.   In warm weather there is an outdoor seating area by a creek, with indoor seating too.  .  

Bring pocket food, extra water, and be prepared for longer than usual stretches between restroom and food stops.  

We start and end at the Raritan NJT Station.  If you drive there is parking at the station for $3/day. 

JB.  10/22/21

Route last ridden:  10/17/21

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